Food for THOUGHT – Trinational Cyber Security Days

13 - 15 FEB 2020 - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz Peter Merian Strasse 86, 4002 Basel English

Awareness Snacks – FEB 13 – 13:30 till 17:30

Discuss with us about Cyber Security and Privacy! Why is it relevant?

○ Key Note
Prof. Petra Maria Asprion
Head of Competence Center Cyber Security & Resilience, FHNW, Basel, CH

○ Live Hacking Show
The Hackers are coming! Will they get you?
hosted by Allgeier CORE GmbH, Offenburg, DE

“Amazement is the first step to knowledge” – Louis Pasteur
Theft and blackmailing of data and confidential information has become a widespread criminal activity in recent years. Small and medium-sized companies, but also large corporations and nations, have to deal with this state of threat. Simple measures can significantly increase security. Still, security is not an individual achievement, but a joint success.

In different roles – as both perpetrator and victim – our speakers present simulations of typical attacks in the form of an entertaining live hacking. They show how easy it is to spy sensitive data and what consequences this can have for companies and private individuals. This is followed by recommendations to avoid damage.



Main Course: Cyber Security – FEB 14 – 09:00 till 16:30

Make sure you are prepared to cope Cyber Risks!

Interactive session focused on Cyber Security from two different perspectives

○ Business: Start out from your goals to identify your most
pressing cyber-related risks! Risk Consultant Stephane Martin and Cyber Risk Expert Pascal Busch build a French-German team enabling you to identify and address your company-specific cyber risks.

○ Tech: Prof. Philipp Nenninger from University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe,
former R&D manager at ABB Germany, introduces you to industrial security, most severe attacks in the past and – most importantly – some strategies to increase resilience of your factory.


Blockchain Breakfast: – FEB 15 – 09:00 till 12:00

Blockchain Beyond the hype – Practical introduction into Blockchain

○ Start out with a breakfast and get to know each other.

○ Get some basic introduction to Blockchain.

Gamification: Experience and deepen your understanding by playing the Blockchain game. As part of this game, you will entertainingly practice the core principles of transaction creation, block mining, and consensus.
Join Prof. Walter Dettling from University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland on this informative as well as enjoyable morning session.

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